Business Groups

Partnership and Communication

Horses are highly intuitive in their leadership and team assessments because their herds are organized by clear communication and leadership. We prepare your business group for leadership and team work by facilitating highly interactive learning experiences using horses. Each session is designed to meet the goals of the business team.

Do you sometimes wish your team was more cohesive? Does communication get muddled or improperly received? Are there questions about leadership, either lack of trust, respect, decision making, or problem solving? These are all lessons that horses are masterful in teaching. Their community depends on all these traits, so our activities with the horses quickly shows what can be enhanced, developed, and understood for more effective and productive teams.

We like to keep groups small, 4-8 participants, so if you have a larger group we suggest multiple sessions.


 4-8 participants

Each business team is different, so our activities will reflect your goals after we do a detailed assessment with each member of your team. If your team struggles with trust, our activities with the horses will identify how to achieve trust. If your team needs to better communicate or demonstrate decision making, our activities will be selected to best reveal ways to improve these skills. Horses are excellent trainers for us because they are organized as a species to survive based on effective leadership, decision making, communication, observation, and change.  After each activity, discussion and reflection help shape the goals for improvement. A pre-session questionnaire will help you choose the most important three issues for our time together. For best results, a full day or two half days are recommended.


  • Improve creative thinking and problem solving
  • Practice taking initiative and risks
  • Strengthen decision making and goal setting
  • Increase task organization and ability to focus on goals
  • Identify limiting behaviors that adversely impact outcomes
  • Build trust and respect
  • Develop empathy and listening skills within your team


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