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Communicating in the World

Sometimes it is hard to know what our contribution is in the world. What are our unique talents and gifts? Sometimes we know our strengths but don’t know how best to share them. This session explores your personal values, the roles you are comfortable with, and leadership skills. Horses are excellent teachers for this topic because they identify roles and leadership as well as operate from the heart in an honest way with others.


Our activities in this session include observation of the horses and our judgements that follow, making declarations of value, assuming different roles, and working as part of a team. All activities are done on the ground and discussion and reflection follow each activity.


  • Learn the basics of horse communication and herd dynamics
  • Examine your values and their potential contribution in the world
  • Identify roles you are comfortable taking and those you are not comfortable taking
  • A greater awareness of your ability and comfort in a leadership position (we are all leaders)


Communicating in the World may be booked for any date and registration options are below.

For registration, please contact Community Learning  Central Oregon Community College at (541) 383-7270

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1 session – 3 Hours

Price $100.00  per person  

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1 session – 2 Hours

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