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Communicating with yourself

Observing ourselves objectively can be very difficult. Experiences with the horses in this session help you examine your self-confidence, your approach with challenge, and to investigate self-awareness of emotional, physical, and cognitive sensations. Learning horse communication and herd dynamics is part of this fun session as well.


Activities in this session include an obstacle course with the horses, a nonverbal communication exercise, and a leadership experience. All activities are done on the ground in an arena. Our discussion and reflection follows each activity outside of the arena. With each participant, the outcomes are different. The horses reflect your unique energy and communication.


  • Understand the basics of horse communication and herd dynamics
  • Observe your authentic self without judgement
  • Practice risk and openness
  • Trust your mind and body- Listen to yourself
  • Observe your confidence and perspectives


Communicating with Yourself may be booked at any time. See registration options below.

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