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Confidence & Decision Making

Horses depend on confident leadership so they are very good at evaluating capable and confident decision makers. To see yourself clearly mirrored through the eyes of others, horses are very effective and honest teachers. Through experiential activities with the horses, you can examine your confidence and hurdles to sound and timely decision making.


Interactions with the horses are ground based and no experience is necessary. Choosing a course of action, directing the horses, and evaluating the need for changes are part of the process. Leading a horse toward a goal of your choosing involves your confidence and spontaneous decision making skills. Each activity is followed by guided discussion and personal reflection. The outcomes are unique to the individual.


  • Learn the basics of horse communication and herd dynamics
  • Examine your confidence as a leader and decision maker
  • Identify hurdles to decision making and confidence
  • Practice adjusting to feedback you receive
  • Plan for change with decision making


Confidence & Decision Making may be booked at any time. See registration options below.

For a Group Activity

1 session – 3 Hours

Price $100.00  per person  

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For a Private Session

1 session – 2 Hours

Price $120.00

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