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Living in the Present

Spending time with horses teaches us how to live in the present moment. Communicating with horses requires that we practice physical, emotional, and cognitive presence. Learning this habit enhances all of our relationships. In this session we focus on sensory awareness, “psychological time” and priorities, the past, and practice.


Activities in this session include: reading body language and body awareness signals, time oriented goal activities, and an obstacle course of metaphors. Personal reflection and guided discussion follow each activity and the outcome is different for every person.


  • Learn the basics of horse communication
  • Practice sensory awareness with yourself and the horse
  • Examine the role “psychological time” plays in your life
  • Identify priorities in your life
  • Build a mental box for your past
  • Plan for guiding the scattered mind


Living in the Present may be booked at any time. See registration options below.

For a Group Activity

1 session – 3 Hours

Price $100.00  per person  

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For a Private Session

1 session – 2 Hours

Price $120.00

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