Unique Experiences

Horses respond to each person’s communication effectiveness and energy honestly, so the feedback is unique to each participant during experiential activities with the horses. During small group activities, the horse’s feedback provides insight to our effectiveness with one another when working together. Through interpretation, the facilitators assist clients in evaluating patterns of communication, perception, and behavior and exploration of new practices to better achieve desirable personal or professional outcomes.



To learn more about program offers, select from private, group, or business groups below.


Private Sessions
If you prefer to examine your experiences with the horses more intimately with the facilitators, this is the right choice for you.

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Group session
Bring your friends, your life partner, or request a session with new friends. All groups (2-6 person) are confidential and sometimes we learn the most about ourselves from the perspective of others.

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services group

Business Groups
Do you sometimes wish your team was more cohesive? Are there questions about leadership, either lack of trust, respect, decision making, or problem solving? These are all lessons that horses are masterful in teaching.

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