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Trust and Vulnerability

Feeling vulnerable, trusting others, and trusting ourselves can be difficult at times. In this session, we examine our comfort with vulnerability and the benefits of vulnerability while interacting with horses. Through this experiential lens, we can identify the fears that may block trust in our lives. Horses are inherently vulnerable and so trust is central to their relationships. We can practice being both vulnerable and trustworthy with the honest feedback from the horses.


In this session, you will interact with the horses on the ground to create physical metaphors for your personal vulnerabilities, the people you distrust, and your fears. With guided discussion and written reflection, you can uncover your hurdles to living comfortably with vulnerability and trusting others.


  • Learn the basics of horse communication and the vital role that trust plays in their relationships
  • Examine the characteristics of vulnerability and your experience feeling vulnerable
  • Identify the link from vulnerability to trust in your life
  • Identify the fears that create a hurdle for trust
  • Create a plan for practice and change


Trust & Vulnerability may be booked at any time. See registration options below.

For a Group Activity

1 session – 3 Hours

Price $100.00  per person  

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For a Private Session

1 session – 2 Hours

Price $120.00

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